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Former imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, now UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town of Hue is a must-see for its complex of ancient royal monuments. It’s quite easy to get around, being oriented around the Perfume River with the old city on the north bank and the new city on the south, so grab a bike and a map and get exploring! The Imperial Citadel is the first stop for many travellers – a vast network of temples, museums, pavilions, and charming historical sites – that has a quiet, peaceful atmosphere hidden within its walls. There are more than a few sites to see here, so plan at least a full morning to check them out. Next, there’s a long riverfront promenade along the Perfume River, perfect for long strolls, and just a short taxi ride away are the imposing Tombs of the Emperors. The tombs are a mix of restored and crumbling, which makes for great photo-ops. Spend an afternoon exploring these examples of traditional Buddhist architecture and funerary styles and learn about the ancient royal families in Vietnam. If you’ve got a bike, take some time between getting from town to the Tombs to check out the countryside, and see some of Vietnam’s rural life!